When is the best time to exercise?

By Dr. Abdussamad Nalakath

25 Apr, 2018


When it comes to exercise, have you ever wondered what time of day is the best -- morning, noon or evening?

While some people are up at the first light of the day to get their hearts racing and get them revved up for the day, others can’t comprehend a workout before noon.

Find your own best time!
Finding the perfect time to exercise is as much about how you feel when exercising and whether the time fits in your schedule. If your muscles are tight in the morning or working out too late disrupts your sleep, it can have the opposite of the desired effect.

The time of day does not matter as much as consistency….
Whether you choose morning, lunchtime, or after work to exercise, make it part of your routine, because the benefits of physical activity are firmly linked to the amount you do on a consistent basis. So, find a time that helps you make your exercise a  consistent part of your life.

Regular exercise is vital for a healthy heart.
Like any other muscle in your body which grows stronger with exercise, your heart too gets stronger and healthier by regular exercise. Regular exercise can help your heart to pump blood more efficiently with little strain.
Also, you don’t have to run marathons for exercise to be effective. Include moderate activities such as walking, jogging or swimming. In general, moderate-intensity exercise means that your breathing rate has increased but you can still carry on a conversation while you are active.

Just 30 Minutes a Day is good enough!
The more you move, the more you improve. However, just moderate walking  for 30 minutes a days at least 5 days in a week goes a long way. Do activities that you enjoy and make them part of your daily routine. If you don't have a block of 30 minutes, you can break your routine into two or three sessions of 10 minutes to 15 minutes spread over the day — you will still reap the benefits.

So, get moving, scheduling your own best time!

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