Early Prostate Cancer Treatment Carries Heart Risk

By Dr Robert Kelly

25 Oct, 2017


 New research says so...

The hormone, testosterone may be the key to manliness, but it also stokes the growth of prostate cancer cells. So, men with prostate cancer are often given hormone-suppressing (androgen-deprivation) therapy. However, treating prostate cancer in the initial stages may increase a man's odds for another illness -- heart failure.

The study was published on Aug. 24 this year, in the British Journal of Cancer.

The study found that men with early-stage prostate cancer who did not already have heart disease, but who received hormone-depleting treatments had an 81 percent higher risk for heart failure.

Meanwhile, those who already had heart disease when they received the anti-hormone treatment also had a greater risk for heart rhythm problems, including a 44 percent increased risk of an irregular heartbeat.

The take-home message

Studies earlier had found that, suppression of testosterone can raise a man's odds for common heart disease risk factors. However, the new findings of the present study allow men with localized prostate cancer to consider the positive and negative effects of androgen-deprivation therapy and discuss it with their doctors and move forward accordingly.

Patients with localized prostate cancer should have regular follow-ups to minimize the health effects of androgen-deprivation therapy on the cardiovascular system, according to the study author Reina Haque, who is a researcher with the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Department of Research & Evaluation.

Patients also ought to work with their doctors to follow a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that, healthy eating, maintaining an active life style, reducing stress and quitting to smoke have got powerful influence on a man’s risk of prostate  cancer.
Thankfully it can protect his heart health as well!

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