7 healthy foods to combat high cholesterol

By Dolly M George

14 Feb, 2018


If you have high cholesterol from unhealthy eating, healthy eating can reverse it as well !

Certain foods are exceptionally good at bringing down elevated cholesterol by working in diverse ways. Some of them deliver a good dose of soluble fiber which binds with cholesterol particles in your digestive system and carries them out of your body before they’re absorbed and get into the circulation. Some others, provide healthy fats, which directly lower LDL cholesterol, while those with plant sterols and stanols keep the body from absorbing cholesterol.

Here are five healthy foods which you can replace with the foods that boost LDL--the harmful cholesterol that contributes to artery-clogging atherosclerosis.

1.Oatmeal and other whole grains. You might have heard that, eating oatmeal helps lower your blood cholesterol, but oatmeal isn't the only grain that helps lower cholesterol--wheat, barley and other whole grains and multi—grain products as well contain soluble fiber.

2.Legumes.  Legumes like beans, peas and lentils are all potent sources of soluble fiber that can help drive down cholesterol.  With so many choices, from lentils of different hues --red, green, yellow, to green peas, black-eyed peas, fava beans, kidney beans, lima beans and beyond, they make delightful main dishes and versatile side dishes.

3. Fruits and vegetables. Many types of fruit are rich in soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol levels. Apart from this, the antioxidants, niacin, sterols and stanols present in many vegetables and fruits is helpful in lowering cholesterol levels. Aim for 4 -5 servings of each per day.

4.Vegetable oils.  Unsaturated oils such as, olive, canola, peanut and sesame, sunflower, soya bean etc. can help lower LDL cholesterol levels. Yet, it’s also worth remembering that, even the good fats in oils are still fats, they are loaded with calories and should be used only in moderation.

5.Fatty fish. Eating fatty fish, such as salmon, tuna, sardines or mackerel, two to three times a week may also help get your cholesterol to a healthier range. These types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. A diet rich in omega-3 fats can boost your HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) –- lower triglycerides and lower total cholesterol.

6. Nuts.  The unsaturated fat, as well as the fiber and antioxidants in nuts such as almonds walnuts, peanuts, and other nuts as well may help lower LDL cholesterol slightly. Though nuts   are good in healthy fats, they are high in calories.  So, eat them in moderation--about an ounce or 28 grams of nuts a day. That’s about as much as what fits in the palm of your hand.

7. Foods rich in plant sterols and stanols. Plant sterols and stanols are substances that occur naturally in small amounts in many grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and seeds.  Choose foods that contain them.



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