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Know the facts about what can trigger a heart attack

17 Feb, 2018

You might be knowing this for sure, that when  it comes to a heart attack, many factors come into play. These include your genes, eating habits, exercise pattern and other risk factors. However, there…


How Will You Know That You’re Having A Heart Attack?

16 Feb, 2018

A heart attack occurs when the “coronary arteries” (blood vessels that supply the heart with oxygen - rich blood) gets  blocked and a part of the heart muscle is damaged or dies. Are there clear warning…


Going Back To Work After A Heart Attack

15 Feb, 2018

After a heart attack, it’s quite natural to think about how soon you can go back to work or whether you can continue to do the same job you were doing earlier ! Many a time, after a heart attack, people…


7 healthy foods to combat high cholesterol

14 Feb, 2018

If you have high cholesterol from unhealthy eating, healthy eating can reverse it as well ! Certain foods are exceptionally good at bringing down elevated cholesterol by working in diverse ways. Some…

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